Gert & Hippies adventures on REVENITE

Written and drawn by Nanna Skytte
I aimed for creating a concept that somehow related to the theme: Love and war.


Whimsical, Sci-fi,


kids or all ages.

Description of the world:

From their giant space station: “REVENITE”, the humans work on bringing their home planet back into balance, by cleaning the planet and re-establishing extinct animal and plant life. They have created a gigantic labyrinth of ecosystems where the new plants and animals can live and get ready for potential release on planet earth. The Humans have calculated and deduced which animals and plants belong together, so that everything is in order. If they need to view the wildlife or take samples, they can use portals to travel between the different ecosystems. Everything is going according to plan. But,
unbeknownst to the humans, there are two tiny and ignorant animals, constantly causing trouble.


On my sample page, we meet Gert and Hippie, who’re engaging in a little interaction. Both of their
species vent extinct back on planet earth.

Gert: is a “Bombus Pensylvanicus”, commonly known as the American bumblebee. He’s a collector of sorts. He’s strict by nature, but also warm and kind inside. When he cares for someone, he’ll do anything for them.

Hippie: is a “Chaeropus”, known as the pig-footed bandicoots. Hippie is very direct, adventurous and filled to the lit with love and kindness.

Story drivers:

We follow Gert and Hippie, who are made aware that they live in an artificial world. Even though they’re happy to live in an artificial ecosystem, they still have questions. They wonder what it’s like to be on earth, and live like their ancestors. One day, they stumble upon a remote control that enables
them to travel between the different ecosystems. They embark on an exciting and dangerous journey, where they always turn up where they shouldn’t be. The space station’s ecosystems are fragile, but Gert and Hippie aren’t exactly being careful. The result is a man-hunt (animal-hunt) for Gert and
Hippie, who constantly evade capture by jumping between ecosystems. The duo make lots of new friends on their way, but they also face danger, as they suddenly encounter natural enemies in other ecosystems. Will they ever find their way out of the maze? Will they ever return to earth? Or where
will they end up?

How could this be utilized across various media platforms:

– This could be used as an interactive children’s comic or /book. While you read about the
adventures of Gert and Hippie, you can click on the extinct animals or flowers, and get more
information about them through text, speech or even video.
– This story could also work for video or board games. It could be a game where you need to
find your way out of the ecosystem maze.
– We could also follow the adventures of Hippie and Gert, on their own Netflix-show with
episodes of 10 minutes. Each episode should be its own self-contained story, with an
overarching narrative