This is exsamples of commisions
I’ve done for others:

Gouache Painting. Cottage, house or allotment garden.

Watercolor Painting

of loved ones or characters.
This is an example of a painting done in watercolor and colored pencil.

Ink and Marker

With this project, the customer requested a personal illustration of their motor bikes.
This example is done in ink and markers.

Pencil Drawing of a pet – A3

For special assignments like this, I’ll need you to send me reference photos of the animals and/or objects you want drawn.

How to place a Commission

  • 1

    Get in touch

    You can contact me either by mail or phone.

  • 2

    Initial interview

    I always like to begin with a friendly and casual conversation about what you’d want to have made. Please keep in mind that for some personalized tasks, it may be necessary for you to prepare reference photos of what you want drawn.

  • 3

    I will prepare an offer for you

    I will prepare you an offer, based on our interview, and the below mentioned prices. Only when the offer is approved in writing do we proceed to the next step, which involves me working on your art.

  • 4

    I get to work

  • 5

    Your illustration is done and ready!

    Payment can be made before or upon delivery of the finished product. If the product is sent by mail, payment must be made before.

Additional comments:

I reserve the right to publish and post all commissions to my online portfolio and my own social media, unless other agreements are made. 

Digital commissions are for private use only. You may print the image for yourself, a gift to a friend or family member, but you may not distribute it for profit. Anytime you wish to post the image online my name, Nanna Skytte, as well as my Instagram handle, @nanna.skytte, must be mentioned. 

For Commercial Commissions

If you are from a company that would like to commission my work, please mind that the prices below are not applicable. The price will depend on your order’s size, motive, time, as well as your intended use.