Sketchbook Videos

Here I’ll put some content from my sketchbooks. I like to share a flip through when they are done. I think it’s a nice way to keep track of my proces.

Sketchbook #02

This is a flip through video of my latest sketchbook. I did this one from 29/12 – 19 to 22/07 – 19
Im very happy about this one cause i made the book myself and I’m already doing my next one. I hope to be able to share it with you before this year ends. Maybe I’ll also make a video of the sketchbook making process some day.

Sketchbook #01

Hey everyone!
This is a sketchbook flip through, from my sketchbook #01.
(From Jan. – Dec. 2018).
I kind of got to caught up with my new sketchbook, so I forgot to make this video before now. Hihi… this is a Moleskine sketchbook and I have loved it!! ❤