Minicomics Workshop

With Dan Berry

This was my first proper school assignment at TAW.
Everyone in my class was tasked to create our own 8-page, autobiographical comic.
Along the way we shared ideas, critiques, and feedback.
It was a great way getting to know my wonderful new GS class better!
Excellent teacher (and cartoonist, designer, podcaster) Dan Berry joined us for this two-week mini comics workshop.
Dan is super professional and fun to work with – you can find his website here:
In record time, I got an overview of the ins and outs of visual storytelling AND produced a compact little comic for my portfolio.
One of the criteria was that it should be in black and white, due to the short time limit.
For this project, I decided to work with Indian ink on A3 paper, which was later scanned in and scaled down to the A5 sized book.
I decided to do this, to get out of my comfort zone, as I’m used to drawing digitally.
It was a great working experience and I’m very pleased with the result.

Happy Reading

Process video